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This is an educational and interactive website that enables children to play games, learn about Chickasaw language and history, discover new exciting recipes and so much more.

Meet the Chickasaw Kids!


Nashoba’s name means “wolf” in his native Chickasaw language. He is smart; many say he’s too smart for a boy his age. His great-great grandfather was a minko and he hopes to follow in his footsteps and become a tribal leader one day.


Ofi is Nashoba and Pakali’s dog and is always by their side. Ofi is the Chickasaw word for “dog.” Ofi’s ancestor, the Big White Dog, helped guide ancient Chickasaws to their Homeland in Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia.


Pakali' was named after the Chickasaw word for “flower.” Pakali' loves to listen to her Grandmother, the tribal storyteller, and hopes to become a storyteller herself when she grows up. Together, Nashoba and Pakali' enjoy learning about their Chickasaw heritage and culture and sharing their knowledge with their friends.
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Bill Anoatubby, Governor