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The ancient Chickasaw domain covered a massive area. Parts of modern day Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama and Mississippi were homeland to the Chickasaws for thousands of years.

Chickasaw people adapted quickly to new surroundings after they were removed from northeast Mississippi and northwest Alabama to Indian Territory beginning in 1837.

Since that time, Chickasaws have played a vital role in the dynamic processes making Oklahoma great.

Historically, Chickasaws adopted others into the tribe, shared their knowledge and culture and incorporated the beneficial ideas of others into the Chickasaw way of life.

Chickasaws today celebrate the blending of cultures, innovative attitudes and indomitable spirit which have helped the tribe thrive.

Today, the Chickasaw Nation jurisdictional territory includes 7,648 square miles of south-central Oklahoma and encompasses all or parts of 13 Oklahoma counties.

Deep, clear lakes and spring-fed rivers surrounded by beautiful rolling hills contribute to the fascinating landscape. The beautifully restored Chickasaw Nation Historic Capitol Building and Council House Museum in Tishomingo and the White House in nearby Emet, can transport visitors to the fascinating historic days of Indian Territory.

Exciting restaurants, championship golf courses, hotels, gaming facilities, the Lazer Zone family fun center and the Bedré gourmet chocolate factory complete the experience.

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Bill Anoatubby, Governor